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Lemony Chickpea and Parsley Salad from Bodyofeve.com

Lemony Chickpea and Parsley Salad

Savory. Tart. Crunchy. Fresh. Perfect. I think that about describes this lemony chickpea and parsley salad. Yep, there is so much going on here guys.  Could be labeled the BEST TASTING SALAD I have ever made. And I am not kidding. We loved this so much that I couldn’t wait to … [Read More...]

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Greek Quinoa Chop Salad. This is so good!

Greek Quinoa Chop Salad

Yummy alert! This simple Greek Quinoa Chop Salad is a meal. Sure you can serve it as a side dish which I did a few days ago at Sherie and Michael’s BBQ. But in reality, this salad can hold its own as a main dish. How’s that you ask? Where’s the meat? Well, here’s the […]

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Another Belly Fat Tip – Mix Up Your Walking Routine

You can wait for someone to take you to the top of the mountain, or you can tie your shoes and climb there yourself. Following along in the spirit of Heidi’s great “belly fat reduction” post (http://bodyofeve.com/a-new-way-to-fight-belly-fat/) last week, I thought I’d share how I’m currently combining her recommendation to eat earlier in the day […]

Summer 2015 2

Summer 2015 is Here!

It’s official summer, schools out and I was recently able to take a little plane ride with my 11-year old son to Southern California. Epic for me as I’ve been nervous about flying ever since I had my little episode in January. I know the blood clots in my lungs are probably all gone and […]

Become a Mindful Eater

Become a Mindful Eater

I just ate a container of yogurt but I don’t remember eating it. I was reading the newspaper at the same time. Have you ever done that? How about sitting down in front of the TV with a bag of chips and eating half the bag or that tub of popcorn at the movies or […]


Perimenopausal Memory Loss – You Are Not Alone

The studies, articles and information I have recently discovered on the Internet over the last few weeks linking memory loss and perimenopause have been fascinating. And, self-prophetic. I do not feel so crazy or scared. I feel relieved that I’m not alone. Every day when I have periods of brain fog and short-term memory loss […]

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Still Here

Hello! I’m still here. Kind of a weird statement, but each day I’m appreciating life more and more. I’ve always had a fairly strong love affair with life, but even more so now that I’ve had a near-death experience. So, right up front – that is my point. Things can get worse. Yes, you might […]

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The Happiness List

Holidays always make me reflective, whether it be the New Year and resolutions or the 4th of July and recognition of the many freedoms I enjoy as an … [Read More...]


Health, Life and Mom

Health, midlife and mom. That’s the theme of today’s post as we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend. I’m feeling lucky in midlife because this is the … [Read More...]

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